Best Simple Rongoli

10 Best Simple Rongoli Designs at Home

Many types of festivals are celebrated in India. In some festivals, we do rangoli designs. Such as Diwali, Mariage, Puja, and other occasion. Especially some traditional customs of Hindu people are customs. People do art in the courtyards of the Easy Design house.

Rangali is specially made on the time of Diwali. Rangoli draws from a lot of materials. SUCH Colored SAND,
flowers, dried. Rangoli is one such art, we do pattern art on the ground.

According to Hindu tradition, making rangoli brings positivity by reducing negative energy and brings happiness and prosperity in the house.

People love to make simple rangoli designs. Which doesn’t take much time. Simple design rangoli is favorite for those people who are beginners. It is nice to create beautiful and colorful designs in a very large courtyard.

1. Geometric Rangoli Design - Simple Rangoli Design

geomatric rongoli design

Are you also looking for easy rangoli designs which can look beautiful for your home. These geometric rangoli designs are a simple design. Which will be good for your home. All you have to do to create a beautiful rangoli pattern is to create these quadrilaterals and curves and utilise the proper colour combination. Do not forget to use white chalk or powder to outline the boundaries.

2. Ganapati Rongoli Design - Simple Rongoli Design

This is a simple design of Ganpati Baba which will look great in your home. This is a very popular design that people make. People believe that making this design of Ganpati Baba at home brings happiness and prosperity.

3. Simple Rangoli Design - Corner Rangoli

This design is especially for those people who have less space in their house. Corner designs are also very popular designs. This design is easily done. It can be made from very beautiful. People do not have any problem in coming and going. Even keeping it in the house for a long time does not cause problems.

4. Simple Rongoli Design - Peacock Rangoli Design

This design is considered very auspicious to make in the entrance of the house. By seeing this design, spirituality comes in the mind of the people. This is a very colorful and attractive design.

5. Simple Rongoli Design - Chalk

chalk rongoli design

The chalk designs are made in a lot of occassion. Especially those who are old women, those people make them. These designs are also considered very auspicious. It is easy to make and also attracts. The environment of the house is very beautiful.

6. Simple Rongoli Design - Freehand

Best Simple Rongoli

Freehand design is very smooth. People find this design simple and beautiful. This design expresses positivity and faithfulness.

7. Simple Rongoli Design - Flower Patel

flower patel rongoli

Another straightforward and uncomplicated rangoli design, this one modern and made with pretty flower petals. In addition to the lovely aroma of flowers like roses, marigolds, and lotuses, the flower petals also have a pretty pleasing appearance to the eye. Onam Pookalam celebrations in Kerala are typically marked by the creation of flower petal rangolis.

8. Easy Rangoli Designs: Alpana

alpana rongoli design

Alpana, a variety of Rangoli made from a rice-grinding paste, is considered to be the most fortunate variant. The ability to create this Rangoli with three fingers makes it special. On significant occasions like Durga Puja and Diwali, it is frequently created only by Bengalis to welcome goddess Laxmi.

9. Simple Rangoli Designs On Water

water rongoli design

The most recent and modern variation is water rangolis. These patterns are created on the water using candles, flowers, and diyas. Even now, watercolours still have a beautiful appearance. This artwork is created using the same colour powder as was used on the ground. Draw your design within a jar that has water and a few droplets of oil.

10. Sand Simple Rangoli Designs

sand rongoli design
Image Credit:Google Image

Any rangoli made using colour powder is the same as a sand rangoli. Any store that sells supplies for arts and crafts will have this colourful sand. It works in a manner similar to how rangoli is made using colour powder. Simply shape the sand into the desired artistic pattern.

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