baby safety gate for stairs

Best Top 5 Affordable Baby Safety Gate for Stairs

When baby starts to crawl parents can have nightmares of their baby getting hurt. And the most vulnerable are the stairs at your home. The fall from stairs can have serious injuries to your babies. The safety of the baby is of utmost importance. A crawling toddler seldom has the proper knowledge of  maintaining balance  or understanding  heights. Baby gate for stairs are one important safety measure. These gates need to be mounted once the baby is 3 or 4 months old right before they start crawling. This article focuses on some of the best baby safety gate for stairs that can be easily placed in your house and are available online.

1. Safe-O-Kid – Safety Gate (70-105cm Adjustable)
2. Fisher-Price – Barricade Auto Close Baby Safety Gate (94~104 cms.)
3. Baybee Auto Close Safety Baby Gate (Green 75-85+10cm)
4. Baybee Auto Close Safety Baby Gate (White Extension 30cm)
5. Dreambaby Ava Baby Saftey Gate

Safe-O-Kid – Baby Safety Gate for stairs  (70-105 cm Adjustable)

baby safety gate for stairs

Safe O kid is one of the known companies for baby safety both inside and outside the house. Since its inception in the market, the team has generated awareness regarding the physical safety of children. They have conducted drives in school, daycare and even educated the pedestrians about the necessary steps to be taken. One of the best things about the products is that the nature of the products is not
generic. Instead, each of them is designed keeping the thought in mind that each child is different and so are their needs and response towards the environment. The Safe-O-Kid Safety gate measures height to 70 cm and the width is 80 cm and addition 20 cm.

The safety gates are supposed to be attached to walls and hence the product has been designed in a way such that the walls aren’t damaged. The entire product is easy to install with all the instructions written in the guide. The collapsible gate is easy to open for the parents while it being tough for the kids. The gate can swing in both directions making it 180-degree swingable. Moreover, one doesn’t
have to reinstall the gate between rooms, as it provides for ample space to travel in between rooms. The locking mechanism has a vacuum suction pump, that doesn’t allow the kids to open the gate themselves. The price of the gate is INR 5299. However, the discounted price now stands at INR 2,944.

Fisher-Price – Barricade Auto Close Baby  (94~104 cms.)

Baby Safety Gate for stairs

Fisher-Price is a toy company that believes in the fact that learning should be a fun process. They have a wide range of products for kids according to age. Their company policy is strict too regarding the safety being maintained while manufacturing the products. The team not only focuses upon the playing segment but also concentrates upon the safety of the child that needs to be maintained both inside and outside the house. Their safety gate is one such example of a product as it gives tough competition to similar products in the market. The base model of the product is 74 cm by height and 84 cm by width. However, the extension has not been limited and it can be done according to the width of the door or requirement and the price varies accordingly. The setup process is easy too. Adults can open the gate using one hand while it remains tougher for the kids even with two hands. The gate has an auto-locking system that keeps the kids safe and sound. The recommended age by the manufacturer is 1 month to 3 years. 
The price originally stands at INR 6000 while the discounted price now stands at INR 4,399.

Baybee Auto Close-Safety Baby Gate  (Green 75-85+10cm)

baby safety gate for stairs

Another major competitor in the line of manufacturing the gates is the Baybee. The company solely focuses on the manufacturing of baby care products ranging from toys, edutainment products to safety ensuring products. All these products are made keeping in mind the nature and characteristics of the toddlers and their way of handling things. The Safety Gate for stairs is one major product of the company. The base model stands with a height of 75cm and a width of 85cm. However, it can be extended and thus it makes one of the feasible products in the market. The body is all steel, which makes the product durable as well as it has ample space for adults to walk through. Thus, it doesn’t have to be reinstalled repeatedly. The pressure mount is safe and can bear up to 95 kg. One needs to assemble the gate after receiving it. The box contains the gate, 4 wall cups, 4 pressure bolts, and the user guide. There is a gap between the gate latch and the frame, which people consider to be a defect. But the product manual has an instruction that says it is not.
The gate can swing both ways which make it 180-degree swingable. It also has an auto-locking feature due to which if the gate is opened for less than 90-degree, it closes automatically. The price of the product is INR 6,999 and the discounted price is currently INR 3,499

Baybee Auto Close  (White Extension 30cm)

Close Safety Baby Gate

Another product by Baybee, this one is an extension of the base model of the safety gate. The height is 77 cm while the width is 30 cm. This safety gate falls under EN1930:2011+EN71 Certified like the previous product.

Dreambaby Ava Baby Saftey Gate, Other Openings from 29.5-31 inches.

Dreambaby Ava Baby Saftey Gate, Other Openings from 29.5-31 inches.

Dreambaby is an internationally acclaimed child safety brand that spreads across more than 100 countries. They have a wide range of options for safety measures that need to be taken. Their quality product has won people’s hearts and hence they are now one of the most trustworthy companies across the world.

The dreambaby safety gate for stairs comes in three different styles – AVA standard, Liberty standard, and Liberty Xtra Tall. The AVA standard gate stands with a height of 30 inches and the width is around 29.5-31 inches. The width can be extended up to 45 inches, but are sold separately. Like most other gates in the market, this one too allows adults to operate the gate with a single hand roam across the rooms effortlessly. What makes this product stand out is the Smart Stay Open Feature that allows the parent to keep the gates open when the child is sleeping or taking a nap. The liberty standard gates are preferable for openings 29.5-31 inches. It is not for openings less than 29.5 inches. If the width of the door opening is more than 31.5 inches, one has to order extensions that are sold separately. They are quick and easy to install. The pressure mounts are heavy and can bear the minimum weight. The Liberty Xtra tall gates just boast of an increased height of 36.5 inches. The rest of the features, as well as compatibility, are the same as the Liberty standard gates. The double locking mechanism is constant across the three variants. These gates can be used to keep the dogs separately too. The manufacturer recommended age is 0-8 years. The price ranges from INR 3,699 to INR 4,999.


With more working parents in the current times, the safety of children has become a priority. While there is a wide range of baby safety gate for stairs available in the market, these are some of the most popular as well as trustworthy ones. The list has been sorted out based on the ratings and reviews of the customers. Hope this article helps you select an appropriate one for the kid.