Here are 10 Bottle Art Design Ideas

If you are also searching how to decorate your home beautifully then its time your good time. Here are 10 bottle art design ideas you will do your sweet room best interior with low cost. Many time we through wastage bottle on garbage. Never think to reuse it. When we creatively design a bottle it’s looks awesome so, let see the bottle art designs to decorate beautifully our interior.

Glass Bottle Painting 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Clean the bottle. Remove any brand label and clean the bottle with fresh water or alcohol.

Step 2: Use a primer color, acrylic paint, or paint made specially for glass and apply a base coat. After doing this – Let it dry – It must be keep 20 – 40 minutes. Apply a second base layer or the first coat of your background to any touch-ups now.

Step 3: Let the paint Dry. Minimum 10 hours to 15 days. Enamel-Based paints take longer to dry. Refer to the product instruction.

step 4: Work on your design further. Finished it and let the paint dry again. It only applicable for more detailed designs.

step 5: Complete your bottle painting with a coat of an acrylic sealer. You see this product will be last longer paint design.


Here are 10 Bottle Designs Painting

1. Minimalist Glass Bottle Painting

minimalise glass bottle paint

Are you beginner and starting newly? You can create this design using simple steps. You can start with whiskey bottles or little prescription bottles. The design “Minimalist glass bottle painting” in a contrasting shade. Be creative and try to simple design at first.


2. Glitter & Enamel Glass Bottle Paint

Glitter & Enamel Glass Bottle Paint

It is a bolt classy glass bottle painting design. It’s design for classy bold lovers, opt for a mix glitter and enamel. As you can see in the image above, the gold enamel components it with a glossy look.

They make wonderful vases for dry flowers and are ideal for items of decor in your living room or entrance.
The bottles can also serve as centre pieces for formal dinner parties with a glam theme if you tie a small bow
with ribbon around them.

3. Glass Bottle Painting Design with Lace

Glass Bottle Paint Design with Lace

In the above picture, the design is red matt paint. It’s Looks very creative with minimal effort. The design makes use of lace. The design is best for to showcase at your drawing room or office.

4. Lippan Art Glass Bottle Painting

Lippan Art Glass Bottle Paint

You look above image- It is a traditional art from of Gujarat, Lippan artwork is made using mud and mirrors. To prepare the dough, Kutchi artists traditionally utilised animal dung and mud or clay from surrounding rivers, but you can instead use fevicol and paint to draw the lines.

5. Glass Bottle Painting Design with a Quote

Glass Bottle Paint Design with a Quote

A simple phrase is a simplistic design for glass bottle painting that may be understated but conveys originality and vibe in spades. The best part is that you may pick to have the quote of your choosing, best in the handwriting of a loved one or in your own handwriting.

6. Mandala Dot Art Glass Bottle Painting

Mandala Dot Art Glass Bottle Paint

This is the easiest art design for beginners, Simply you have to paint dots on your glass bottle. You can use beer bottle after designing it looks amazing. People love this design to draw.

7. Make patterns with tape

pattern paint

This is another unique design for glass bottle decoration. You get the bottle on a stationary store. Use your imagination to apply the tape to the bottle in patterns to produce eye-catching designs on the outside.
Try to find tape options that complement the inside color you’ve picked. Use Camlin Artist Brush Pens to create vibrant graphics to the tape strips if you’re using plain tape. Even better, personalise it by adding a recipient’s name or writing inspirational quotes so it may be presented as a gift.


8. Winter Inspired Glass Bottle Painting Design

This decor of your home for the winter season. You can use empty alcohol bottles and paint the bottle in a winter theme. This is also a unique design for glass bottle decoration. People loves because of winter vibe. You can make it at your home.

9. Tree Bottle Design

tree bottle design

It is very simple and beautiful design. You can decor at your home. Simply paint like a tree on your glass bottle. You can use white or black color also. It looks more creative.


10. Bird Bottle Art Design

bird bottle art

Above this image has a bird on a tree. Both the tree and bird are same color and background color is yellow looks outstanding. It is a perfect combination of color. You can make this design at your home. You get this bottle on stationary store.

These are the 10 best glass bottle art designs you can make at you sweet home.