Trampoline generally is made with strong fabric with a coiled spring attached to it with metallic support for helping kids to jump and bounce. Though a trampoline is a fun game there’s always a risk if it is not a good quality material, kids and even adults might injure themselves. The popular brand the RUDRAMS  trampoline for kids 4.5 feet is made of strong fabrics, metal springs, guard rails, guard tubes, and curved tubes.

  • Trampoline can be installed both as Indoor & Outdoor games;
  • RUDRAMS Trampoline for kids 4.5 ft/ 55 inch dia can carry weight up to a 180 LBS (80 kg);
  • Seamless design with all safety features. RUDRAMS Trampoline features a safer, gapless jump
  • pad design with safety enclosure net, firm steel legs covered by anti-slip rubber material;
  • pad design with safety enclosure net, firm steel legs covered by anti-slip rubber material;
  • Made of high-quality material Polypropylene (PP), which is safe non-toxic, nonslip, strong and durable;
  • Great Workout routine for kids and good for the heart and skeletal muscles.

RUDRAMS trampoline materials are high-quality materials and can be trusted. The brand has been approved by and registered in ‘INDIAN TM ACT’. The product is manufactured in India and the product box includes 6 long or 12 short foam tubes, 1 high elastic jump cloth, 36 springs, 6 guardrail caps, 6 upper guardrails, 1 cover, 1 tool, 6 lower tubes, 6 curved tubes, 1 protective net, and 6 foot mats. Assembling all these 11 products needs strength, is a bit tough and time-consuming though the after results provide deep satisfaction. This trampoline can take weight up to 180 lbs which is an approx of 81 kg.

Benefits of Indoor Trampoline for Kids

You can use this trampoline in both ways as an indoor trampoline and outdoor trampoline. During the rainy days, you can keep it indoors, as the product isn’t that large and won’t take much space. You can be a kid with your kid and play on the trampoline.

Jumping on the jumping jhula or indoor trampoline is fun and healthy as you can exercise, which is good for the heart and skeletal muscles. Every trampoline Jump for kids every possible day can make their skeletal system strong, increase bone mass, improve blood circulation and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Adults and kids trampoline jump make their muscles, shoulder, hip, and legs strong. 

Great Workout

This is also a great workout routine as it burns a countable number of calories while having fun. Just continuous jumping for 10 minutes can burn the same calories as burned in 30 minutes jogging. Exercise in the trampoline will improve your metabolism and improvise fat oxidation. The trampoline helps to boost the resistance, immunity and reduce the incidence of dangerous diseases of your kid as well as develops mental and physical ability. Your kid might get into aerobics, gymnastic, or exercise regularly without you telling them repeatedly. Kids love family and want to have beautiful memories and so do parents. 

Make Stress-free

It is quite tough for a parent to keep an eye on their little one while doing their work. An indoor trampoline is a fine solution to the problem; you can be stress-free and keep your work going on. Your child won’t get hurt they will not glue their eyes on the screen, instead will play on the indoor trampoline and it is not harmful instead healthy for your child’s physical fitness and growth. The indoor trampoline can ease your extreme stress by keeping you active physically and warming your muscles up. 

Jumping in the trampoline can make you feel light, when you jump and don’t feel the weight of your body you feel relaxed, and continuing the same method increases the concentration power of a human being. The feeling of weightlessness makes the human mind forget disturbing and stressful things. 


The high-quality latex webbing makes it soft, durable, and comfortable for use. The PP jump cloth gives an excellent bouncing and holds everyone up. The quality spring of stainless steel spring is 3.2mm high-temperature hot-rolled steel wire. The cover is made of oxford fabric to protect the metal frame from friction. The safety net design is provided to give protection to the kid and you. The large suction cup feet reduce ground scratching, reduce noise. It keeps the trampoline stable without shaking while you and your kid are jumping and exercising on it. High-quality material is been used while creating this trampoline. Safety is the top priority when it comes to sports and exercise because doing it wrong can cost you a lifetime. 

Trampoline Assemble

Assemble the six small lower tubes with the six curved tubes. Assemble the upper guardrail in the space provided and unlock them. Put the high elastic plastic jump cloth in the center and use the springs to hook the cloth to the curved tubes. Then use the cover and cover the metallic parts and tie it securely. Place the foam tubes in the upper guardrail and secure them with the guardrail caps. Cover the trampoline with the protective net and tie it securely with the guardrail caps and the spring locks. The last step is to attach the six foot mats to the lower tubes. Ensure all the locks by stepping slowly and taking an experiment of your jumping on the trampoline. Once you realize, it is safe allow your child to step into it. 

Indoor Trampoline Price

The size of the trampoline is 140X140X122cm. The weight of the product is 9 kg 500g. There are all the important required accessories included in the box. The material is polypropylene (PP) mash. The original price of the product is Rs. 12,999/- whereas in Amazon the same product is available at Rs. 6499/-. 


The product has received 3.8 stars and 95 people have given feedback where some of them are delighted with the product and the service whereas, some of them are not happy with the equilibrium between the quality of the product and the price. This product is absolutely a no for toddlers without an adult. It can be highly risky for the 1 or 2 years old.

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