Orboot our earth

World globe, one of the most loved models related to mainstream education that kids get excited about. Shifu orboot our earth globe is exactly that but, with something new. Shifu orboot earth is an interactive AR world globe for kids of the age group 4 to 10. This orboot earth is an app-based globe, without any boundaries of political regime. In layman’s language, this is a modern age or hi-tech globe for the upcoming generations. 

Orboot App-based Globe

Orboot earth is a 10″ globe that is infused with the app and this exciting technology gives an exceptional experience to both your kid and you. With a weight of 1kg 200g the product received 161 ranks in toys and games whereas, it received 3 ranks in globes. Orboot our earth is designed and created for the upcoming generation where it would be possible for them to witness and gain knowledge about the world through a window. The places, the animals, the distinguish cuisines and delicate farming, the natural phenomenon, and the man-made phenomenon will be clear for them visually as well as informatively. As this is a virtual experience through augmented reality kids can interact with the living animals by listening to the way they communicate and knowing their food chain. Orboot earth app is designed for unrestricted knowledge to flow to the kids because the knowledge, education have no limit and shouldn’t have any barrier either.

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Learning through Orboot

The orboot earth packaging box includes passports, stamps, country flag stickers, and a detailed help guide. These are additional with the globe. The orboot earth app is compatible with iOS and Android. It can be accessed by iPad Air all models, iPad Pro all models, iPad 5th gen and above, iPad mini 2 and above, iPhone 6 and above; Android 3GB RAM and above; other than the Amazon fire devices which are currently not supporting. The orboot earth app is filled with so much information that can keep your kid occupied for a longer time, of course with an educational atmosphere. This app provides more than 1000 world facts and more than 400 highlights across 6 categorical sections; those are cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps, and weather for various countries.

Where to Buy

This product is available on Amazon at a great price. The original price is Rs. 1999/- whereas it is providing the product at Rs. 1909/-. People across the globe have trusted this globe and bought it and they are very happy with the product. The orboot earth product has received 4.1 stars from 8,797 people across the globe. More than 100 people are asking and desiring to get one for their use. The one who already owns it has shared their experiences with the product and their kids and the remarks are 85% positive. A few people said that it provides a limited amount of information whereas few people said this is a power pack of information for kids, it is innovative, engaging, and exciting. Yes, this product does not cover every information about the world but it covers the information that a child needs to know, and also, it enhances and prompts their curiosity and imagination.                 



           The little things that make the product worth buying are;

            1. Kids get a personal passport, a book of flag stickers, stamps.

            2. After completing each exploration the kids need to update the passport with the stamps provided.

            3. They receive coins after each step.

            4. These things make the kids feel like to be on a world exploration tour.

            5. The above mention little steps boost kids’ confidence and intellect.

The most important asset of this universe is confidence and information. If the practice to gain these two starts from childhood then nobody, no power can stop you to succeed.

Additional information:

A user doesn’t need any battery, Bluetooth, or plug-ins to operate orboot. You only need a Smartphone (above mentioned), just with a one-click scanning the orboot can be accessed on your phones. An additional is you also don’t need internet to play in the orboot earth app, just during installing the app and during updates to be accessible with other levels of the games. The orboot our earth app is provided in 9 different languages; English, Japanese, French, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian, and Korean.

The process to install and play orboot is easy. To access and play the user needs to have three things; the orboot globe, a smart device, and the internet. Scan the icons on the augmented powered globe; choose what you want to do and that’s it. Your kid can start exploring the world in augmented reality.

Any parent would try and give their kids the best in the world. Proper knowledge, manners, education, and whatnot. However, these traits will build in a child if he/she/they are curious to know more. Orboot globe gives a hint of the geographical and environmental science to aware the kids about their surroundings, whereas, culture and cuisines make them curious about the variety of livelihood and build respect for other cultures. The orboot our earth is the best toy for your child manufactured by MOBILIZER TECHNOLOGIES PVT.ltd.

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