LuvLap City Stroller/Buggy, Compact & Travel Friendly (BLACK)

  • Easy fold compact Stroller.
  • Ideal for travelling with Kids & Toddlers.
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel & Rear wheel breaks.
  • Storage basket for keeping your hands free while on the go.
  • Adjustable Leg Support with Footrest.
  • Carrying Capacity up to 15 kgs.
  • Extended Double Layer Canopy.



LuvLap City Stroller/Buggy, Compact & Travel Friendly

Colour: Black

LuvLap, a well known trusted brand known for making a wide range of baby products. This baby LuvLap City Stroller/Buggy will appeal to most people for its excellent quality and compactness. They are comfortable, and parents can easily take the baby for strolling through the city streets and country roads. The stroller is ergonomically designed to ensure your baby is comfortably supported and gets the comfort and warmth of a mothers lap. Certified as per European Standard makes this product safe for little ones.



Age: Stroller is Suitable for 0 months to 3 years.

Capacity: Carry Weight up-to 15 kgs

Advantages of City Stroller/Buggy:

Compact Design: The stroller/Buffy is a very compact design and easy to fold. Indeed ideal for carrying for kids or toddlers while travelling.

Adjustable 3 Position Seat Recline: The stroller seat is adjustable and can be turned upright, inclined or flat depending on the baby’s mood. Baby can sit up, relax or even take a nap while strolling.

360-degree Mobility on Front Wheel with Swivel Lock: The Front Wheels can swivel 360° for easy manoeuvrability. Moreover, the Swivel feature for stability on uneven surfaces can be locked when necessary.

Safety Belts: The safety belt keeps the child secured and keeps the baby safe from falling or crawling out of the stroller.

Adjustable Leg and Footrest: The footrest is adjustable and can be moved up and down,  baby can choose to position their legs as per comfort.

Convenient Rear Wheel Brakes: The Rear Wheel brakes makes easy to control while strolling and can be operated by your foot.

Canopy: The adjustable canopy protects your child from harsh sunlight & strong winds. The canopy can also be extended, thus making a comfortable ride for the baby.

Soft Cushioned Seat: The soft cushioned and side padding in the seat provides a comfortable ride to your baby. Thus baby can enjoy and have a long ride without any discomfort.

Spacious Storage basket:   While going shopping or strolling the basket can be useful to put your or your babies stuff. Thus allowing your hands to be free.

Back Pocket: Added pocket helps you to keep any essentials in the back pocket, thus eliminating an extra bag.

Trusted: Moms claims that LuvLap City Stroller/Buggy is Safe, Comfortable & certainly the best value for money.

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